Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ICBC Girl Lost Handphone Scandal

Chengdu Branch of ICBC known as ICBC Shahe branch's female staff Zheng Xuan creates history, as her leaked sex video jammed China's internet as sex crazy Chinamen scrambled to download the short movie. The girl was identified as an ICBC staff of the branch as she was wearing the bank's uniform while having her orgy with her boyfriend. This come on the heel of the shocking Top China model Zhao Ling sex scandal, where her ex-boyfriend blew the whistle on her, by leaking their past sex video. This case is different in that, it was a case of a lost handphone, so the boyfriend is innocent. Viewers of the video jokingly named it as the new Yan Zhao video. One thing for sure, she looks better than Zhai Ling even without make-up.

Video heroine being screwed, Shahe Industrial and Commercial Bank Chengdu branch employees Zheng Xuan. Lesson learned - never lose your phone if you have sex pictures or videos inside. Swallow the phone if you have to die.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Top Model Shou Shou vow to bring boyfriend to justice

We have been tracing the news about Shou Shou Gate (nude photos and sex tape scandal). You may read the old topics here: Shou Shou Gate and Netizens Seek Shou Shou Gate’s Video.

Now we have the update. Zhai Ling (nicknamed Shou Shou) vowed to bring her ex boyfriend, who uploaded three sexually explicit videos of her on the web, to justice. (I learned from the internet that these three sex tapes, which are around 30MB big, are only the tip of the iceberg. There are more.)

Though web users are curious and crazily seeking for her sex tape torrent to download, many of them show the sympathy to her.

Zhai Ling in reality is a model for New Silk Road Model Company in Beijing. The Company stated on Wednesday that they were extremely shocked and strongly required the judiciary departments to intervene in the matter.

I also learned from Baidu TieBa that Zhai Ling made a personal statement too in her blog that she admitted the authenticity of the video, and appealed the public to stop the spread of the video. Because this is illegal, anyone who uploads or spreads the sex tape is likely to be filed with a lawsuit.

For her ex boyfriend, Yang Di, who initially uploaded the video, Zhai Ling vowed to bring him to justice.