Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Naked Truth About Diving Queen Guo Jing Jing

China's red hot diving diva Guo Jingjing was secretly recorded with an infrared video camera. She was candidly videotaped in her skin-tight and very wet swimsuit with an infrared video camera. Her nude body was expose as a result of this method using infrared (see through) as if her Li-Ning swimsuit was transparent. And now every detail of her physique is seen in a 10 minute long video, especially focusing on her private areas, that has been circulating on the Internet. And the private parts of Wu Minxia was also recorded. Infrared video cameras uses infrared technology to see thermal energy (or heat) and can see through certain types of clothes as if you were wearing X-ray glasses.

Guo Jingjing, 26, who is as well-known for her appearances in gossip magazines as for her dazzling spins and somersaults from the three-meter springboard, is said to have been pining since her ex-boyfriend and teammate, Tian Liang, 28, married another woman last year. Paparazzi shots of Guo with her current boyfriend Kenneth Fok, the playboy grandson of a Hong Kong tycoon, suggest that all is not well with that relationship either. So this infrared video exposing her body is the last thing she need right now.

Download the Sexy Video After the Screen Shots Below!

More shockingly, Guo Jingjing was not the only victim of this incident, another 2 hour and 7 minute long video clip shot with the same infrared video camera is also circulating on the web. In this video, other than Guo Jingjing and Wu Minxia, more than 20 female and male divers from multiple countries who participated in the 2008 Olympic warm-up match were secretly videotaped using infrared that exposed their bodies. As the video was uploaded onto a website in Hong Kong, police there have launched an investigation into the scandal.

The video clip was shot in the 2008 Olympic warm-up match – 'Good Luck Beijing' when the divers were practicing. Guo Jingjing won the gold medal in the women's 3-meter springboard at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing along with two other medals. Chinese sports enthusiasts have become transfixed by the colourful love life of Guo Jingjing since then. Now they are getting to see her body in great detail. Reports say a man sneaked into the diving stadium with a hand-held infrared camera. He secretly taped Guo Jingjing who is seen wearing 2 different swim suits in the video. Using the infrared ray technology camera, her breasts and lower body were clearly seen including her ass. The camera man also shot close-ups of her private parts.

After the exposure of this incident, Guo Jingjing has yet to be seen in public. A reporter contacted her boyfriend Tuesday and asked how can the athletics be protected to avoid this kind of incident to happen again? He said over the phone: "This incident has not been verified yet, I will not answer hypothetical questions. Country athletic games, let the country handle it." When asked if he has comforted Guo Jingjing? He said: "It's not convenient for me to comment too much on other things, sorry." The rumor is now that the video was secretly recorded by a mole within the media covering the Olympics. Anyway, they say China's new objective is achieving transparency. So to that I say they are well on their way.

Download the Infrared Video here A.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Han Yifei Naked Cheers for China Basketball Team

Yi Jianlian (易建联) led Chinese National Basketball Team to its first victory at the basketball world championship in Turkey, with his outstanding performance. The hot actress Han Yifei (韩一菲), who graduated from Beijing Film Academy, therefore shot a set of almost half-naked photos to cheer for the win. Han Yifei also announced that if the team advances from the group, she is willing to poses fully nude for them.

Han Yifei has ever been awarded Runner Up prize for 2010 World Cup Soccer Babes, and is going to film the hit TV series Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain (雪山飞狐). It is interesting to see this up and coming actress bare herself so early in her career. Let's enjoy her bare-ness now...