Thursday, December 31, 2009

Miss Asia Pageant 2009 Leaked Video of 羅曼綺

Bathing in all her glory and God-given assets, Luo Man Yi 羅曼綺 also known as Roman Yee, somehow got herself videotaped bathing all alone.

This beauty from Guangxi who won the Most Popular Award in the recently concluded Miss Asia Pageant 2009 could have won the contests if the judges have seen what was revealed in these videos - a perfect body.

Enjoy the videos here - CLICK for Videos

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Students Doing It Any where and Any Time

These 2 students are just too much in love to really bother if there are other students around the building. When love hit them, they just do it any where and any time. That is what true love is all about in China. Who said there is no freedom in China? Not surprising then that there is such a hugh population in China. They just let their love (reproductive juices) flow freely.... Ho ho!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pan Yuliang - the controversial whore-turned-oil-painter

Pan Yuliang's complicated life gets more plentiful after her participation in art, with her defying and fending characteristics and through movies and teleplays, the world could rediscover her talent and her art. In 2006 spring, her solo exhibition "Pan Yuliang - the painting soul" was held in Na­tional Museum of History and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, through 120 paintings, her life and her art were clearly displayed, and the Pan Yu-liang fever is on the rise.

As one of the earliest Chinese painters in France, Pan Yu-liang had great passion and her talent; she is one of the best Chinese artists in the past century. With Shanghai professor Hong Ye's enlightenment and the principle in Shanghai Art School Liu Haisu, teacher Wang Jiyuan's support, she successfully enrolled to Sino-French Institute, Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris, and National Arts Institute in Rome, and her pursuing knowledge clearly shows the steadfast and persevering will she has. She was an illiterate person who loves to embroider, but after graduation, she was appointed to the director of Shanghai Art School and the professor of National Nanjing University.

Like what Liu Haisu said, Pan Yuliang is a "warrior of beauty" in her life. After she went to Europe, she participated countless French Salon exhi­bitions and had received French National Gold Award (1945), Belgium Brussels Sliver Prize (1958), Paris prix d'Or (1959), and medaille d'Honneur de la Societe' En­couragement au Progres (1971). Her life had been documented in "Dictionnaire des peintres, sculpteurs, dessinateurs et graveurs" and French "Dictionnaire de la peinture Larousse".


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Miss Asia - Miss Guangxi 2009 - leaked bath videos

羅曼綺 Roman Yee (luo man yi)

Roman is a born a farm girl, and is the second child of a farm family. 她为了过上好生活,做过很多的工作,如销售、化妆品、保险等。 She is hardworking and will do anything to better her family's future and financial success. Her work profile include besides beauty contest she also have done work in sales, cosmetics, insurance, etc. 农家的孩子很懂事,在她身上就得到体现。 Farm children tend to be rather naive, and in her this weakness seemed abundance. 她说这次参加亚洲小姐比赛,并没有告诉父母。 For example she told us that she participated in the Miss Asia contest without the permission or knowledge of her parents. 她说如果成功了,再告诉父母,如失败了,就自己默默承受。 She said that if she succeeded in the contest then only she would tell their parents, and would endure the failure alone and in silence.

2009 年8 月,网络流传一段全裸入浴自拍的影片,被网友称为“ 洗澡门 ”。 In August 2009, the internet leaked a naked bath video taken by a digital camera, was titled "taking a bath at the door." 入镜的女主角,据传是2009年亚洲小姐广西赛区选手罗曼绮。 In the content of the video we have our heroine in it, and is reported to be Guangxi's in 2009 Miss Asia representative Roman Yee. 罗曼绮是广西赛区颇受瞩目选手,她最后夺下了赛事的“最具人气奖”。 Roman-chi represented Guangxi in the finals, she also grabbed the contest's "most popular award."

Watch Videos Here....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Man seek revenge on ex-Girlfriend by leaking her private photos

Here is what a broken heart can do to people with advent of the internet and cell phones. This is definitely not the first case in China, and will not be the last.

Here is a set of leaked private pics from the China a girl making love on bed with his new boyfriend. Earlier photos showed her younger days with another boy, who is the suspected leaker of her private photos with her new and much better looking boyfriend.

Supposedly she betrayed the school-time lover so these pictures were upload as revenge. I think the chick was dating the a guy but cheated on him with the other dude seen in the set. So the first dude found these pictures after hacking her account then posted the pictures over several forums to expose his ex-girlfriend and her new lover. the story unfold in these photos....


Saturday, November 14, 2009

China Students Turn to Online WebcamWhoring

When you send your daughter off to university, you better give her enough money. Apparently there are a few girls in China when away from classes who are running a business involving webcams, telephones and then getting totally undressed. They claimed studying at university and they like to shop but they short of money. So, they decided to make some money by turning to easy online tricks simply by using their laptops and webcams. Purportedly, there are four female students from Beijing Fengtai District who are involved in the business. They have posted their prices and how they prefer to receive payment.

Photos of the leader, a young woman in the business are below. Here is their blogs Below are a few screen shots of one of her webcam session I would assume was captured by one of her clients then followed by a few pictures she posted online. But first, here are the details of her business posted on her blog and all over the web:

默认分类 2008-08-24 12:33 阅读194 评论2






因为不会宣传,很多人以为我们是骗子,在QQ聊天室里也没有少挨踢,好郁闷... 但是不管怎么说,我相信我们一定会成功的!





20人民币30分钟 [任何时间均可 四人倒班]

50人民币120分钟 [任何时间均可 四人倒班]




我们的支付宝帐户是: [商品名称: QQ ]

转帐成功后请截图页面然后发送信箱 我们会给你回复一封通过QQ验证的暗语邮件.


时间和金额发送到 信箱 我们会给你回复一封通过QQ验证的暗语邮件.




一切就这么简单!你的快乐和幸福 我们给予付出 我们的发展 离不开你的支持!

English translation via Google Translate:

Video Description
Read 194 default categories 2008-08-24 12:33 Comments 2


First of all thank you for choosing us to serve you, to tell you about ourselves, our four girls in a school but also with a bedroom, which we all have one

There is also a notebook computer, they rely on these kind of family silver, we have four girls and started "living away from life ".....

Zhongwang know, the saying goes: Which girl does not love beautiful? What girl does not love shopping?, But can not afford to, how can you stand it

Later thought. Since we have a computer, why not rely on this one? That dry on the open! Purchase video head, bought a six sound good microphone, then we began business, a good hard oh

Because there is no publicity, a lot of people think we are liars in chat rooms and no less QQ kicked well depressed ... But anyway, I believe we will succeed!

HOHO! Much gossip that I first explain some details of the process, let you experience the power of what we have four sisters charm! Ready? OK! Start ~ ~ ~!

Our network of charging methods are not like those in the so-called QQ on the video as "Lion's Mouth" mechanized operation "and a man faced with several people shared performances,

So boring, we have four sisters, each member can only access a business, face to face performance, as long as the faceless, no action can include voice, as you can dominate without any complaints.


20 yuan for 30 minutes [at any time can be four shifts]

50 yuan 120 minutes [at any time can be four shifts]

RMB 100 Nights 4 hours video packet can be separated from look to see the accumulated

Payment Method:

[Alipay] online transfers, fast and simple, direct payment immediately arrived, provided that you have to have a Alipay account Oh! If not, go for it, very convenient!

Our Alipay account: [Name: QQ]

After the success of transfer requests screen shot page and then send E-mail: We will give you a reply via e-mail QQ validation code word.

No net transfer of silver brother go to the counter, or atm machine transfer, in order to identify those who pay a bit like him to transfer money easily recognized! The transfer of the remittances

Timing and amount of mail sent to We will give you a reply via e-mail QQ validation code word.

Confirmation method:

In order to avoid most of the boredom Renshi harassment, we will QQ into the adoption of authentication, receive your transfer payments will give you within two minutes to send a mail through QQ

Validation code word e-mail, then you can add to our QQ into our reply to you that message inside the code word, can be verified by QQ and enjoy the video passion!

Everything as simple as that! Your joy and happiness we give to pay our development is inseparable from your support!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Legend of the Red Qipao

The intriquingly flexibility of the Qipao has always been a fascination to historian. It can be worn in high society function, and yet flexible enough to be wore at home, and even sleep with it. Here in a serie of photos, we discovered it can also be looked from a very different angle - the erotic and stimulating angle. The Qipao not only inspire your desire to a much higher level, it can cause you to reach your climax earlier than you should. So let's enjoy it here


Monday, October 19, 2009

Yan Deli 闫德利 ex-Boyfriend seek revenge with a 'HIV prostitute' blog of her

Dumped Boyfriend seek revenge by a 'HIV prostitute' blog of her ex-girl Yan Deli 闫德利.

An illicit blog that has swept the Internet and claims to tell the story of an "HIV-infected prostitute" is a sick hoax by an angry ex-boyfriend, police said yesterday.

The post, which featured 300 indecent pictures of Yan Deli, along with 279 cell phone numbers of "former clients", emerged last week and rapidly spread across the nation's Web portals.

The post claims the 30-year-old was raped by her stepfather at 15 and had become a waitress at karaoke bars in Beijing, and that the cell numbers were published in revenge against society.

The suspect, whose name has not been released, had demanded 5,000 yuan ($730) from Yan when they split up but she refused, said a local police officer who declined to be named.
The man later told police the woman's brother had attacked him, the officer said.

The suspect then returned to the capital and, using the cell numbers he had received at the Rongcheng county police station, began to send indecent pictures of Yan to several officers via SMS.
"We have kept those text messages and we will sue him for smearing our reputation," said the officer, whose number was one of those listed on the blog.

China Daily was unable to contact the suspect yesterday.
Yan denied ever posting a blog online and said she plans to have an HIV test to prove her innocence, Beijing Youth Daily reported on Saturday.

The local center for disease control has also requested she undergo a medical check, local police said.

The newspaper reported Yan gave the illicit photographs to her ex-boyfriend, and that most of the published numbers were her colleagues or friends on an old cell phone.

The woman's mother told Beijing Youth Daily the incident has embarrassed the whole family and was quoted as saying: "The whole country knows about this. How can we live?"
She also dismissed any suggestion her daughter is a prostitute, and explained that she earned 2,000 yuan a month working in a Beijing restaurant.

About the rape allegations contained in the blog, Yan's stepfather added: "Whatever is said about me, it doesn't matter because I am old. But how can my daughter live with such rumors?"Wang Jing, a Beijing lawyer, said that if the blog is real the author has broken privacy regulations. However, if it is a hoax, they have violated laws to protect people's reputations.

Watch in Youtube (HD version) - Click Here

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kelly Hu See-Through Top Reveal Her Little Nips

Kelly Ann Hu (simplified Chinese: 胡凯丽; traditional Chinese: 胡凱麗; pinyin: Hú Kǎilì; born February 13, 1968 in Honolulu, Hawaii,U.S.A.) is an American actress and former fashion model who held the Miss Teen USA 1985 and Miss Hawaii USA 1993 titles. Of Chinese, Hawaiian and English origins, she played a pioneering role in the representation of Asian Americans in the USA, and actively encourages Asian Americans to participate in the USA democratic process. She appears in the film The Tournament as Lai-Lai Zen, release date September 2009.

Here is Kelly Hu showing off her nip.ples in a see-thru top while attending an event. Without a doubt, Kelly Hu is my favorite out of the very few Asian actresses in Hollywood that actually like to show off their titty. There are very few Asian actress in Hollywood and only a handful who dare to bare. So there is basically no competition for her to speak of in this competition. I mean, no one really want to see Bai Ling's monstrous nip.plets and Grace Park isn't about to bare anything. Anyway, no Kelly Who jokes at this time so enjoy her free titty show. And don't ask Hu's that girl.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cable Car Scandal in China

The Chinese Goddess of Mercy has re-incarnated. She flew through the sky, crosses the mighty Heilungjiang River at Songpu, to save thousands of men. She is the heroine who is now revered and idolised in temples throughout Chinese communities around the world.

The only twist to the story is that our internet sex goddess float through the sky in a cable car that crosses the same River, and she save thousands of men from sex starvation. This is of course, our latest cyber-goddess from modern China, who can save any man in the world by just calling through her handphone.

Watch the video here.....CLICK HERE

Friday, May 29, 2009

Zhang Ziyi 's Fall From Grace

Zhang Ziyi 'The Horsemen' could be banned in China

THE recent spate of criticisms aimed at Zhang Ziyi's role in upcoming Hollywood thriller, The Horsemen, might lead to the film being banned in China.

The Chinese actress came under fire recently from Chinese netizens who spoke out about her portrayal of an alleged serial killer who, according to Oriental Daily, was reportedly "ravaged" by a Caucasian male in one scene and kneels before American actor Dennis Quaid in another.

After watching these scenes, netizens claim that the roles were demeaning and called for the movie to be banned in China.

Conversely, fans of Ziyi defended her and said that she was doing the country proud by accepting roles in Hollywood. They also said that she was merely playing the part as an actor.

This is not the first time the 30-year-old actress has been labelled as a "traitor".

She was first criticised four years ago for her role in another Hollywood movie, Memoirs of a Geisha.

But it did not stop there. Early this year, Chinese netizens were again outraged by semi-nude pictures of Ziyi sunbathing at a private beach with fiance Vivi Nevo.

She was called a "shameless woman" and berated for "behaving badly".

Strong reactions from Chinese netizens and fans could affect the decisions of China's film censorship board as to whether the movie would be released at all.

This was exactly what happened to Memoirs of a Geisha - it was banned in China for fear of anti-Japanese reaction as netizens called her "the prostitute of the Japanese".

Such controversy from the Chinese Internet community could see The Horsemen following the same fate as Memoirs of a Geisha.


Ziyi's rude antics exposed

Japanese entertainment magazine Jyosei Jishin carried an exposè of Zhang Ziyi's allegedly boorish behaviour in the air.

As reported in Shin Min Daily, a Japanese air stewardess spilled the beans on her encounters with the international star after being subject to her rudeness and difficult demands more than once.

The stewardess said that she was very excited when she first met the star on one of her flights, but soon grew disenchanted with her imperious behaviour.

On one particularly memorable ten-hour flight to London, the 30-year-old actress requested for instant noodles three times, on top of the meals provided by the airline.

Each time, she simply tasted two or three mouthfuls before putting down her chopsticks. She then lifted her chin to indicate that she wanted the noodles to be cleared away.

The stewardess also said that the actress sat with one foot on the seat when eating her noodles, with total disregard for decorum.

She says that the Chinese beauty also expects the flight crew to bring her bags down from the luggage rack when she alights, and her diva-esque attitude is the subject of many complaints by the flight crew.

When contacted, her manager replied in an sms that "Ziyi does not eat instant noodles".

Zhang Ziyi is no stranger to controversy and has repeatedly raised the ire of the Chinese public. The most recent being her role in Hollywood thriller "The Horseman" which was criticised by her countrymen as "degrading" for Asians.

Earlier this year, Chinese netizens were also outraged by nude photos of her at the beach with her Israeli fiance Vivi Nevo.

She was recently named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Actress Bai Ling 白靈 in sensational photo shoot

Bai Ling (traditional Chinese: 白靈; simplified Chinese: 白灵; pinyin: Bái Líng; born October 10, 1970 in China) is a Chinese actress and had previously appeared in several Chinese movies when she was in China.

When she was in China, her photographs had been used in magazines and calendars frequently, mostly with her whole shoulder and upper breasts exposed, which was not common in China at that time. Since coming to the United States in 1991, she has appeared in a number of American movies.

She has most recently appeared in the show Lost as part of Jack's flashbacks. Her character, Achara, is believed to be associated with the Dharma Initiative. She has predictive powers, and is the artist of Jack's tattoo reading "He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us." Achara attests to predicting Jack's leadership role on the island.


Friday, May 15, 2009

More Porcelain-Painted Girls from China

Another of China's latest fad, the ceramic expo painted-nude-porcelain girls attraction. But this time there is a difference. It is not a Ceramic Expo, but a Car Show. It is already difficult to reconcile a nude human body with a piece of ceramic, now we have to figure out one more factor. How a ceramic painted human can actually come into a car show. It is a bull-in-a-china-shop kind of thing, I guess.

I would have thought these girls would come in rubber tubings or wheels to cover the hairy regions. But nope, they prefer to copy the Ceramic Expo's idea wholesale. Anyway, the pics are focusing more on the beautiful girls than the cars, so really, it doesn't matter. The 2 girls are clearly more sexier and prettier than those naked porcelains at the Ceramic Expo.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dancing Queen Tang Jia Li's Hot Pictures found

One of the hottest property in China, Tang Jia Li ( is at it again, producing some very artistic and amazing quality pictures of her dance and gynastic routines. She is such an cool and endearing character, we simply love her by just looking at these great pictures of her.

So let's enjoy her pictures here...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lynn Xiong's Nip-ple Slip On HK Film Awards Red Carpet

It was a tale of a great model maturing to an "auntie" stage, last night at the HongKong Film Awards (金像奖).

Lynn Xiong (熊黛林} flashed a nip-ple at one of the photographers, stealing auntie Lin Chi ling(林志玲)'s thunder as a result.

Can you see the slip? It is covered up with blurs to protect your eyes from infection. It was a fast one, but the nice little pinkish tit which many thought belongs to only Aaron Kwok's pair of eyes, are now a public property.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Inside A Modernized Chicken house In China

Here are a few shots of the inside of a comfort house(also known as a bordello, cathouse and Hen-house) in modern day China. We get to see the fame line-up of the ladies and the BDSM fet-ish training rooms. Yeah, this is totally illegal in the country officially but it is one of the biggest recession proof profession there. Anything that is profitable even if illegal is OK as long as it does bring in the money.

But the women working in these places are treated like shit when the government want a to look like they are fighting crime in front of the media. Have you ever seen hookers in China getting arrested? They are treated like dogs... Anyway, these pictures are supposedly from a large brothel in Dongguan, China. The girls have hide their faces for more than the obvious reason.

They were trained army-style to march in to serve customers, and even trained the rigid routines of how to satisfy their customers using the tools available in the bordello den. Here are pictures of the girls going through their daily Shaolin-style training methodology, fully dressed (otherwise photographer need to pay) ....