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China Students Turn to Online WebcamWhoring

When you send your daughter off to university, you better give her enough money. Apparently there are a few girls in China when away from classes who are running a business involving webcams, telephones and then getting totally undressed. They claimed studying at university and they like to shop but they short of money. So, they decided to make some money by turning to easy online tricks simply by using their laptops and webcams. Purportedly, there are four female students from Beijing Fengtai District who are involved in the business. They have posted their prices and how they prefer to receive payment.

Photos of the leader, a young woman in the business are below. Here is their blogs Below are a few screen shots of one of her webcam session I would assume was captured by one of her clients then followed by a few pictures she posted online. But first, here are the details of her business posted on her blog and all over the web:

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因为不会宣传,很多人以为我们是骗子,在QQ聊天室里也没有少挨踢,好郁闷... 但是不管怎么说,我相信我们一定会成功的!





20人民币30分钟 [任何时间均可 四人倒班]

50人民币120分钟 [任何时间均可 四人倒班]




我们的支付宝帐户是: [商品名称: QQ ]

转帐成功后请截图页面然后发送信箱 我们会给你回复一封通过QQ验证的暗语邮件.


时间和金额发送到 信箱 我们会给你回复一封通过QQ验证的暗语邮件.




一切就这么简单!你的快乐和幸福 我们给予付出 我们的发展 离不开你的支持!

English translation via Google Translate:

Video Description
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First of all thank you for choosing us to serve you, to tell you about ourselves, our four girls in a school but also with a bedroom, which we all have one

There is also a notebook computer, they rely on these kind of family silver, we have four girls and started "living away from life ".....

Zhongwang know, the saying goes: Which girl does not love beautiful? What girl does not love shopping?, But can not afford to, how can you stand it

Later thought. Since we have a computer, why not rely on this one? That dry on the open! Purchase video head, bought a six sound good microphone, then we began business, a good hard oh

Because there is no publicity, a lot of people think we are liars in chat rooms and no less QQ kicked well depressed ... But anyway, I believe we will succeed!

HOHO! Much gossip that I first explain some details of the process, let you experience the power of what we have four sisters charm! Ready? OK! Start ~ ~ ~!

Our network of charging methods are not like those in the so-called QQ on the video as "Lion's Mouth" mechanized operation "and a man faced with several people shared performances,

So boring, we have four sisters, each member can only access a business, face to face performance, as long as the faceless, no action can include voice, as you can dominate without any complaints.


20 yuan for 30 minutes [at any time can be four shifts]

50 yuan 120 minutes [at any time can be four shifts]

RMB 100 Nights 4 hours video packet can be separated from look to see the accumulated

Payment Method:

[Alipay] online transfers, fast and simple, direct payment immediately arrived, provided that you have to have a Alipay account Oh! If not, go for it, very convenient!

Our Alipay account: [Name: QQ]

After the success of transfer requests screen shot page and then send E-mail: We will give you a reply via e-mail QQ validation code word.

No net transfer of silver brother go to the counter, or atm machine transfer, in order to identify those who pay a bit like him to transfer money easily recognized! The transfer of the remittances

Timing and amount of mail sent to We will give you a reply via e-mail QQ validation code word.

Confirmation method:

In order to avoid most of the boredom Renshi harassment, we will QQ into the adoption of authentication, receive your transfer payments will give you within two minutes to send a mail through QQ

Validation code word e-mail, then you can add to our QQ into our reply to you that message inside the code word, can be verified by QQ and enjoy the video passion!

Everything as simple as that! Your joy and happiness we give to pay our development is inseparable from your support!

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