Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Miss Asia - Miss Guangxi 2009 - leaked bath videos

羅曼綺 Roman Yee (luo man yi)

Roman is a born a farm girl, and is the second child of a farm family. 她为了过上好生活,做过很多的工作,如销售、化妆品、保险等。 She is hardworking and will do anything to better her family's future and financial success. Her work profile include besides beauty contest she also have done work in sales, cosmetics, insurance, etc. 农家的孩子很懂事,在她身上就得到体现。 Farm children tend to be rather naive, and in her this weakness seemed abundance. 她说这次参加亚洲小姐比赛,并没有告诉父母。 For example she told us that she participated in the Miss Asia contest without the permission or knowledge of her parents. 她说如果成功了,再告诉父母,如失败了,就自己默默承受。 She said that if she succeeded in the contest then only she would tell their parents, and would endure the failure alone and in silence.

2009 年8 月,网络流传一段全裸入浴自拍的影片,被网友称为“ 洗澡门 ”。 In August 2009, the internet leaked a naked bath video taken by a digital camera, was titled "taking a bath at the door." 入镜的女主角,据传是2009年亚洲小姐广西赛区选手罗曼绮。 In the content of the video we have our heroine in it, and is reported to be Guangxi's in 2009 Miss Asia representative Roman Yee. 罗曼绮是广西赛区颇受瞩目选手,她最后夺下了赛事的“最具人气奖”。 Roman-chi represented Guangxi in the finals, she also grabbed the contest's "most popular award."

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