Friday, February 6, 2009

Inside A Modernized Chicken house In China

Here are a few shots of the inside of a comfort house(also known as a bordello, cathouse and Hen-house) in modern day China. We get to see the fame line-up of the ladies and the BDSM fet-ish training rooms. Yeah, this is totally illegal in the country officially but it is one of the biggest recession proof profession there. Anything that is profitable even if illegal is OK as long as it does bring in the money.

But the women working in these places are treated like shit when the government want a to look like they are fighting crime in front of the media. Have you ever seen hookers in China getting arrested? They are treated like dogs... Anyway, these pictures are supposedly from a large brothel in Dongguan, China. The girls have hide their faces for more than the obvious reason.

They were trained army-style to march in to serve customers, and even trained the rigid routines of how to satisfy their customers using the tools available in the bordello den. Here are pictures of the girls going through their daily Shaolin-style training methodology, fully dressed (otherwise photographer need to pay) ....

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