Sunday, May 17, 2009

Actress Bai Ling 白靈 in sensational photo shoot

Bai Ling (traditional Chinese: 白靈; simplified Chinese: 白灵; pinyin: Bái Líng; born October 10, 1970 in China) is a Chinese actress and had previously appeared in several Chinese movies when she was in China.

When she was in China, her photographs had been used in magazines and calendars frequently, mostly with her whole shoulder and upper breasts exposed, which was not common in China at that time. Since coming to the United States in 1991, she has appeared in a number of American movies.

She has most recently appeared in the show Lost as part of Jack's flashbacks. Her character, Achara, is believed to be associated with the Dharma Initiative. She has predictive powers, and is the artist of Jack's tattoo reading "He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us." Achara attests to predicting Jack's leadership role on the island.


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