Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chinese Arts going Sado-Macho

Chinese Arts are taking on a very exciting transformation. The influence of the West is very strong in these pictures of a nude lady tied and bonded for only one purpose - to be painted or pictured.

A mix of nude arts with traditional Chinese Arts make these pictures very unique. The appearance of a male figure would destroy this tranquility of an Arts and bring the whole concept towards Porn and not Art anymore.

These are original black-white photos and not color faded pictures.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Students going doggie in public park

Suppose to be schooling in some Hunan high school. Or maybe it is break time. So they decided to have quickie in the park. Not knowing there are always cameras all over the world, including from the satellite up there ready to pounce.

Watch the full video here (adult stuff): CLICK HERE....

Students Gangraping A Fellow Student 北京順義五中脫褲門

Seem like this is not the first case. Just that this is one that was recorded by one of the culprits with handphone camera.

The greatest invention this century is no doubt, the invention of handphones with camera. Even criminals take a shot at their own performances for future references. Here, a few male students from Beijing, forcefully took off the pants of their female classmate. This is really sick. And heard that this is not the first case in China already.