Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Students Having Sex in Public (性交在露天露天野战) in China Near Market

Wow, surprising exhibitionist activity in the Chinese mainland, its good to see China joining the Western World in the skankiness department. Look at all the on the other side of the fence, these two love birds are very brave. Its too bad they did not see the guy takes the candid photos of their open-air love making. This set of pictures of two Chinese university students performing explicit sex act in open public is making it’s way round Internet via emails, forums, blogs and bulletin broads. It seems that the world is discovering that public sex is the best sex. It looks like they had two other people doing look out for them but they just might be waiting their turn. Or they had no clue what was going on just a few meters away. Click on pictures to enlarge. Source:


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