Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shanghai Orient Shopping Centre Kappa Girl

The Kappa Girl who's real name is Lu Jiani and she is a sales girl for Kappa at a Shanghai department store made a sex video that is the hottest sex tape in China. Right from the beginning, she appears naked… rushes towards the middle of the screen and onto a man’s lap, first a kiss, and then she opens the man’s belt and pants to begin giving him a blowjob. She was just giving her man (or client) a BJ, what does that have to do with anyone else…only that it was unfortunately made public. The “Shanghai Orient Shopping Centre Kappa Girl’s” makeup is rather thick and heavy like a common street prostitute, skilled with her mouth, and is hard to tell from a professional AV actress! Or its just a naked girl sucking a dude and he finally shot his load in her mouth somewhere in Shanghai.

She was nobody. She’s now a celebrity in all respects in China and throughout the Internet. All this for a porno video of 12 minutes put on the Internet by chance. Lu gave oral sex to her boyfriend, then some sexy poses and dirty talk. Kappa has dismissed her for damaging their image. The sexually explicit conversation between her and her boyfriend has also been translated from Shanghainese to Mandarin and plastered all over the internet and the juiciest bits are being translated into English for you soon enough. Fascinated, people started thronging the Kappa store (check out this scene — these guys weren't there for a sale!) with cameras in hand trying to catch a glimpse of her.


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