Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mu Zimei - Sex Blogger 木子美的博客

An interview with Muzi Mei (aka muzimei, Mu Zimei), the young Chinese woman who shot to fame in 2003 after starting a blog filled with descriptions of her sex life.

"I think my private life is very interesting," said the columnist, Mu Zimei, arching an eyebrow and tapping a Marlboro Light into an ashtray. She added: "I do not oppose love, but I oppose loyalty.
Mu Zimei is both reviled and admired, but she is not ignored. The country's most popular internet site,, credits her with attracting 10 million daily visitors.

Another site,, says Mu Zimei is the name most often typed into its internet search engine, surpassing one occasional runner-up, Mao Zedong.

Yet at a time when Sex and the City episodes are among the most popular DVDs in China, the Mu Zimei phenomenon is another example of the Government's struggle to keep a grip on social change in China. Her writings have prompted a raging debate about sex and women on the internet, where more people are writing blogs or arguing anonymously about a host of subjects in chat rooms and discussion pages.

But Mu's case is notable because her most controversial work appeared on the internet. Mu Zimei is the pen name of Li Li, who began working in 2001 as a feature writer at City Pictorial, a glossy magazine covering fashion and social trends.
Normally attracts 20 million visitors a day. Company officials say that number immediately jumped to 30 million and stayed there for 10 days as Mu Zimei became a keyword on the home page.

"I despise Mu Zimei!" one critic countered. Another added, "This kind of diary will only serve as an excuse for more people who want to live a wild sexual life."

Source: NYT
In 2003, for example, China had its first blogging sex scandal, which played out rather differently from its American counterpart. In July 2003, a Chinese sex columnist named Mu Zimei had the highest-ranked Web site in China once she started naming names on her personal blog. She described her liaisons with various men, including an undistinguished tryst outside a restaurant with a rock-star guitarist from Guangzhou.

The blog temporarily shut down because the Chinese service provider couldn't handle the millions of visitors, and a vigorous debate broke out in the blogosphere about whether Mu Zimei had violated the privacy of the men she identified. ''Mu Zimei has released the name of the men who has ever slept with,'' wrote a Shanghai blogger named Wangjianshuo. ''This is bad. I believe a blog can reveal whatever you want to show about yourself, but not others.''

In response to criticism from the blogosphere, Mu Zimei deleted the explicit discussions of her sexual encounters when began to serialize her work in November

Li Zhuang Ping Used her Daughter as a Nude Model 李壮平:东方神女山鬼系列

Li Qin seen here with grand dad.
Source: A 61 year old artist by the name of Mr. Li Zhuang Ping in China and his 23 year old daughter Ms. Li Qin are making news over nude art work. Mr. Ping asked his lovely young daughter to pose nude for a series of his goddess-themed paintings. And as you can see from the art work below, she said yes. So, as you look at Li Qin's ample breast, know you are looking at her full tits through her father's eye. Note the detailed of the nipples, No Way This is Sick and Totally Disgusting!

The father and daughter duo from the Szechuan area have stunned the Chinese art community with their realistic oil paintings. Mr. Li Zhuang Ping said to reporters: " form and her natural beauty are what I had in mind for the image of a goddess." "It was only after getting her approval that I allowed her to be my model." "I set up a personal blog last year and posted my daughter's and my artworks online. Not one comment posted was of an obscene or sexual nature." He added: "I created the 'Oriental goddess' series with her. She is both the model in the painting and the artist who creates (the artwork) with me."

"And yes, my wife approved," said Mr Li. His daughter said she began modeling for him five or six years ago, and also worked with him to create the 'Oriental Goddess' series of oil paintings on canvas. She said, "he found that I possessed the classical beauty of an Oriental female."


Tang Wei Movie Scene Caused Her Downfall

The realistic performance by both actor Tony Leung and co-star Wei Tang is so sexually explicit that some people have suggested it was really done in front of the set. Because of her explicit role in the movie all her media work was blacklisted in China by State Administration of Radio Film and Television. Ads starring Tang, including skin care commercials for cosmetics brand Pond's, which local media have linked to her sexually explicit and politically sensitive role in Lust Caution, were pulled of the air. She was also withdrawn from the new 2009 epic movie, "The Warrior and the Wolf"


Shanghai Orient Shopping Centre Kappa Girl

The Kappa Girl who's real name is Lu Jiani and she is a sales girl for Kappa at a Shanghai department store made a sex video that is the hottest sex tape in China. Right from the beginning, she appears naked… rushes towards the middle of the screen and onto a man’s lap, first a kiss, and then she opens the man’s belt and pants to begin giving him a blowjob. She was just giving her man (or client) a BJ, what does that have to do with anyone else…only that it was unfortunately made public. The “Shanghai Orient Shopping Centre Kappa Girl’s” makeup is rather thick and heavy like a common street prostitute, skilled with her mouth, and is hard to tell from a professional AV actress! Or its just a naked girl sucking a dude and he finally shot his load in her mouth somewhere in Shanghai.

She was nobody. She’s now a celebrity in all respects in China and throughout the Internet. All this for a porno video of 12 minutes put on the Internet by chance. Lu gave oral sex to her boyfriend, then some sexy poses and dirty talk. Kappa has dismissed her for damaging their image. The sexually explicit conversation between her and her boyfriend has also been translated from Shanghainese to Mandarin and plastered all over the internet and the juiciest bits are being translated into English for you soon enough. Fascinated, people started thronging the Kappa store (check out this scene — these guys weren't there for a sale!) with cameras in hand trying to catch a glimpse of her.


Zhang Zi Yi 章子怡 Nude Sunbathing Video at the Beach

HONG KONG - More than 80 pictures of China's top actress Zhang Ziyi sunbathing topless and frolicking on a beach have appeared on the Internet, sending netizens in China wild on Tuesday. The pictures, taken by a Los Angeles-based paparazzi agency, showed Zhang on the Caribbean island of St Barts with her fiance, Israeli investor Vivi Nevo, last Friday.

Zhang was photographed in a red bikini reading a book, doing a bridge and even a splits on the sand. She took off her red bikini top and rolled down her bottom as she sun bathed and the photographs captured her lying topless beside her fiance. Fiance Vivi Nevo was also caught on camera grabbing her bottom and enthusiastically kissing the whole length of her back.

Lianhe Wanbao reported that Chinese Internet forums have been flooded with comments including critiques of her figure, and allegations that "she has forgotten she is Chinese".