Saturday, January 8, 2011

Moqing homemade sex scandal in LiuZhou - Guangxi Province

These two people are ordinary citizens of Liuzhou. They are pleasant looking individuals, simple in their way of lives. And like every couple in China, they work and come to dusk of a tired day, they ended up making love and enjoying sex just like the way it should be enjoyed.

How the pictures get circulated, is something for the couple to find out. For the rest of us, we will just enjoy the wonder gift of nature captured through a good quality camera. Like I always believe, if you take a pictures of yourself doing private things, is because you want those pictures to be circulated. There is no other reason for taking photos of yourself having sex other than that. So don't go bluffing yourself and the world that it is taken for private use. You can't bring those pics to your grave, right?

Moqing is probably the name of the girl, who certainly had a stunningly pretty face and well-balanced physical built. Very little else is known of the couple though. So enjoy!

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